Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Questions from a reader and Answers from Jo Shetler

Kiera said...
Dear Robyn, Joanne, Grace and translation team
Me and my sister and mum are reading And The Word Came With Power. We want to pray for you and everyone doing the translation. Last night we prayed for the Balangaos and the missionaries and whatever they are doing. This morning mum found this post and showed us. I hope you get the translation finished.
Love Kiera-Lee (9 years)  

Taryn  said...
It was quite exciting to find this blog after praying last night after reading the 12th chapter of Ms Shelter's book. We were wondering about where the Balangaos are now hence my googling them. We are really enjoying the book. My daughters are wide eyed and challenged by all we are reading. Thank you for this blog - it also helps people like us to keep praying for the current needs of the Balangao people. :-) 
Taryn (mom of Kiera)

Taryn  said...
We have just finished the amazing story of the Balangao people. How mightily God works! We will never forget the Balangao people and we will keep praying for you all. We are also curious to know if Robyn and Joanne are the same twin girls that Joanne Shelter mentions in her book? And if Doming and Loree are the parents? :-)

Reply from Jo Shetler

What fun to read this from Taryn!  Yes, these are the Joanne and Robyn mentioned in the book.  And Doming is their Uncle.  Joanne and Robyn’s dad is Doming’s younger brother.  It was Doming who got the ladies interested in doing Bible Translation and he “signed them up.”  Doming passed away from cancer in January 2007, we miss him terribly.
Jo Shetler

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