Friday, April 22, 2011

A day of building ----THANKS

                On April 20,  the rest of the Balangao Team 1 arrived back home – Austin in Kidron, OH,  Matt in Sugar Creek, OH and Kyle in Lancaster, SC. Daryl arrived on Sunday in Waxhaw, NC and Robinson arrived in Iligan City in Mindanao on Tuesday, and Brad arrived March 30 in Jenison, MI.  I praise God for their safe return, providing them with a wonderful experience in Natonin and with the Balangao people. We also had a get together Tuesday evening with some of the 2nd team members, plus hear firsthand report from Daryl, leader of team 1 and showing us the beginning of phase 1 and the  progress that was made.

As I watched the video of what was accomplished, I thought of my visit to Natonin  August 2010. I remember looking down below the church of where the proposed site was supposed to be. I had no idea how that building was going to be done let alone be funded. But praise God He provided through His people and their love to see His Word translated in the heart language! A big THANK YOU AND PRAISE TO THE LORD for all the people who have provided the funding,  Balangao team 1 whom God picked from the US to work side by side with the Balangao team in Natonin! They worked hard to accomplish phase 1 and all praise goes to the Lord.

                Balangao Team 1 has the shovel resting comfortably in Natonin until  Balangao team 2 arrive on May 1 and start moving the shovel again on May 2.  This team led by retired Wycliffe missionaries Bob and Linda Keizer, comes from different parts of the US – such as Illinois, Kansas, Ohio and NC! Their job will be to put up the block walls, build columns, weld metal trusses and install them, put on roofing, partition two offices, wire the building, install windows and doors, plumb the bathroom and kitchen, install ceiling, plaster the walls inside and outside and hopefully paint. Do you think they can do all that in 10 days??

 Thanks again TEAM 1 for a job well done, and all praise goes to the Lord!

                As you celebrate this Easter weekend, remember – “You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid Him.” Mark 16:6

Friday, April 15, 2011

A day Building...A World Wide Community

This is an update about the blog and where it is being read.

We have had readers from the following countries; United States, Philippines, Australia, Belgium, United Kingdom, Russia, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, Guam, Austria, Romania,  Singapore, and China. (If I missed one leave a comment and I will add it to the list.)

This will result in God’s Word written in the heart language –that is what God through us, is building this office for the purpose of providing the Old Testament into the Balangao language. That’s our purpose because it impacts and transforms lives! If it transform the heart of those people reading the blog from these countries, great and God is the one using it to reach them for His glory!!
Praise God for the support from around the world for this project and for the support of other missions that are happening around the world.

This will be the last update until the 2nd team gets to the Philippines in late April

Thank you for the many prayers as the project progresses. Check back in May and watch what God is doing with the 2nd team. The updates will be on this blog also.

Have a Blessed Easter

Oh the Places we have gone.

Oh the people we have met

Remembering and already missing them
Brad looking at the 747 that brought him home (Detroit Airport)

As we all go our different ways may God keep us all in His Hands

A day Building… Gone but never forgotten

As the first team heads home, we are gone out of Balangao but will never forget the people we have met and became brothers and sisters in Christ.  We will continue to pray for progress with the 2nd team and the translation as we head back to our heart language.   Remember all the translators that are throughout the world and the work that God has put before them.  Ask for Gods wisdom as they work through the Bible and the many decisions that they have to make each day.  

Sites on the road back to Manila, this is by Barlig

I believe this is Talubin, between Bontoc and Banaue

Some of the world famous Banaue Rice Terraces

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A day Building...resting and remembering

A famous man once said "The body can rest, but the shovel must keep on working" Of course we who have previously worked with Nard Pugyao, know well that he was the one who coined that phrase. Well Nard the shovel is now at rest as well as the body, at least for this team. Considering the Shovel; here are some interesting statistics. I have estimated that we as a team have excavated nearly 80 cubic yards of dirt. We hauled over 30 cubic yards of sand and gravel, and mixed 35 yards of concrete by hand.

 Balangao is now forever implanted in our hearts; we will always clearly visualize the beautiful mountains, cool cloudy breezes, the sounds of dogs! Roosters! and karaoke. The taste of balangao coffee, beetle nut, roasted baboy (Pig). The warm smiles and easy going nature of the Balangao people, all who made us very welcome. The road here was definitely less traveled, but well worth it. To all of you who prayed, we thank you. To those of you who helped fund this project, we praise God for your contribution to bible translation. The next team will arrive the first week of May. To them new experiences await. Their lives will also be forever changed by Balangao, and the people who live here.

 Many thanks!

 Sincerely, in Christ!
Daryl Beltz, Leader Team One

nearly 80 cubic yards of dirt moved

We will miss our Balangao Friends
As the caption says we will miss our new friends we have made.  Pray for the Balangao as the first team leaves and they prepare for the second team.  Pray for all the people that are going to be traveling via truck to Manila, then planes home.  Pray for the second team as they prepare to travel to the Philippines.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A day Building...Preparing for the next team

The team finished the second half of the floor, poured the entry concrete, worked on finishing the septic system, and back filled the site perimeter. Tuesday they plan to clean up the work site organize the tools for the next team, and service the generator. Daryl has ordered materials for the next team so everything will be on site and ready to go when they arrive.

Work on the septic system

Overview of the 20x40 floor
This is the finished floor you are looking west and the church is to your right up a small hill. You can see the septic system is being worked on in the back ground.  Once again we thank God for all the things seen and unseen that being completed here in Balangao

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A day Building...Celebrating Fellowship

The team enjoyed a departure from our normal work schedule, to celebrate with the Balangaos the completion of stage one of the project. Today the team helped roast the two pigs that Daryl purchased the other day. Food is always a great way to have fellowship here at Balangao. As well as eating we listened to the playing of the Gongs, and some even joined in with the Balangos in dance, and playing the Gongs. It was a great time of fellowship.

Daryl, Kyle, Matt, Austin, and Dennis

Give thanks for the wonderful gift God has created of community and fellowship between the Balangaos, the members of the translation team, and the first work team. 

Start praying for the second team that is getting ready to take up the work, and for the Balangaos that are going to work with them.  Pray for Grace, Joanne, Robyn, and Ignacio as they get a short rest and then will be helping the 2nd team also.
Daryl and Robinson Master Chefs

Ring the dinner bell, here comes the pig

A good time was had by all, you could be here with the next team!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A day Building...Preparing for a Celebration

Yesterday, Daryl, Robinson, and Grace traveled to Bananao about two hours drive, and purchased two pigs in preparation for the celebration of team one's completion of stage one of the building project. Daryl and Robinson will oversee the preparation and cooking of the pigs. They will be preparing Lechon Baboy (Roasted pig) the pigs will be stuffed with lemon grass, onion, and garlic. The pigs will be braised with brown sugar and coke. everything will be cooked over a wood fire. It will take about seven hours to slow roast the pigs. The lechon baboy is prepared this way in the lowlands, and the Balangaos have a different way of cooking the pigs. This was an opportunity for Daryl and Robinson to treat everyone to something different.. Of course we will eat all of the other parts of the pig Balangao style. Wish you all could be here!

Kyle and Daryl worked today on the removal of the forms from the completed floor section, and began to form up the section for the entry way. the cement for that will be poured on Monday. The rest of the team gave the shovels a rest.
Thanks for all your prayers!

And I though I had a bad seat.

A quick look at the pig being carried and the start of the steps.

The washing of the truck in the river, MATT LOOK OUT!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A day Building...New Members and new floor

Today Wednesday we prepped the site to pour the other half of the floor, as you can see from the photos the guys kept busy hauling bags of cement in preparation for tomorrows pouring. Everyone is enjoying the time here, building relationships with everyone.

Dennis Fragazi
 I wanted to highlight Dennis Fragazi and his wife Christine. They own a vacation home here in Balangao where his wife Christine is from. Christine became a believer as a result of Jo Shetlers ministry and time spent living here among the Balangao’s. Dennis and Christine happened to plan their vacation time coinciding with the team’s schedule. Dennis has been eager to contribute his time as part of our team. We even enjoyed a evening of hospitality in their home. It has been great for all of us to get to know them. They are another example of many Christian hands that labor together in support of bible translation. 
Prayer request:  Thanks that Dennis was able to help with the project and Gods timing for the help.

Pray in thanks for the progress that has been reached and for safety as this part of the project draws near to a close.  
Daryl finishing the form for the floor
The first half of the floor

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A day Building...IN THE SUN!

Tuesdays Update from the desk of Daryl (OK computer)

Praise the Lord! Great weather today. We poured half of the concrete floor, and started forming up the other half of the floor. Work continued on the septic system, as well as some landscaping to improve potential drainage issues around the site. Austin, Matt, and Robinson continue to make more friends with the young people from the community. There easy going humor and smiles are contagious. The teams health issues have improved. Thanks for the prayers!
The floor is started

Kyle is making is smooth
Austin and some new friends
The tropical depression is moving out to sea. This is helping with the weather.

A day Building…from the ground up

Monday they worked on the frame for the floor.  They got the vapor barrier in place as you can see in the picture.  They will be starting on making the cement for the floor on Tuesday.  This is good progress for the project.  In the pictures you can now see Denis, he just arrived in Balangao and lives there with his wife from the area.  Pray and give thanks for the progress that has been made, and for progress to continue.  Pray for God to watch over all the workers and helpers and to seek his will for completion of the stages.  

The floor is taking shape (Austin, Dennis, Kyle)

Getting ready for more cement

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A day Building...Preparing for the floor

God has blessed the building project with great workers both Balangao and Expats.  As you can see they have been busy getting the footers ready for the main floor and pillars to support the trusses and roof.  It has been rainy, but the shovel keeps moving and work is getting done.    Kyle emailed some pictures so I will post them to the blog. 
Tropical Depression 95W {unnamed} (
Pray for the team as there is a weather system in the area.   I will post more when I get more.
Matt and Austin getting sand/gravel for the making of cement

A lot of People working in a small area pray for safety

Friday, April 1, 2011

A day Building…More pouring of cement

Yesterday (Thursday) went well, poured most of the footers, and finished the rest of them this morning (Friday). We will begin to form up for the floor on Saturday. Work has also begun on 100 feet of concrete stairway that will lead from the church to the office.  Also work has begun on the septic system. Rain continues off and on yet, everyone doing fine, just dealing with sore throats and colds. We will try to send photos for the blog; we are having problems with the Internet connection staying connected for the amount of time to send a picture.
Daryl will head to Bagabag on Saturday as well, they need to resupply. It has been raining a lot in the mountains, so road conditions are getting worse; pray for safe travel for Daryl and his traveling companion.
School kids line up to sing the National Anthem

Pray that Daryl will not run into a land slide during his travels