Friday, March 9, 2012

A Question from Quinlan, an answer from Jo

Hi Joanne!
I just finished reading your book and it really inspired me to be a missionary! Anyway, throughout The Word Came With Power I was wondering where your old partner Anne and her husband Tommy were. How is she doing?

P.S.  Do you mind if I join the translation team maybe when I grow up?

Age 10
Iowa, U.S.A

Dear Quinlan,

We would LOVE to have you join a translation team when you grow up!  You can join now…by praying!  That’s step one :)

Anne married her childhood sweetheart, Tommy, who was in the Air Force. After he retired, they joined Wycliffe!  Tom had many jobs and Anne also.  The WONDERFUL part is, when I came back to live at Waxhaw, NC where the Aviation and IT programs are based, they lived next door to me!  They have sort of “retired” now again…but they are often here, helping and volunteering in many ways. 

God bless you, Quinlan, as you seek to bring Him glory with your life!