Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Questions from a reader and Answers from Jo Shetler

Kiera said...
Dear Robyn, Joanne, Grace and translation team
Me and my sister and mum are reading And The Word Came With Power. We want to pray for you and everyone doing the translation. Last night we prayed for the Balangaos and the missionaries and whatever they are doing. This morning mum found this post and showed us. I hope you get the translation finished.
Love Kiera-Lee (9 years)  

Taryn  said...
It was quite exciting to find this blog after praying last night after reading the 12th chapter of Ms Shelter's book. We were wondering about where the Balangaos are now hence my googling them. We are really enjoying the book. My daughters are wide eyed and challenged by all we are reading. Thank you for this blog - it also helps people like us to keep praying for the current needs of the Balangao people. :-) 
Taryn (mom of Kiera)

Taryn  said...
We have just finished the amazing story of the Balangao people. How mightily God works! We will never forget the Balangao people and we will keep praying for you all. We are also curious to know if Robyn and Joanne are the same twin girls that Joanne Shelter mentions in her book? And if Doming and Loree are the parents? :-)

Reply from Jo Shetler

What fun to read this from Taryn!  Yes, these are the Joanne and Robyn mentioned in the book.  And Doming is their Uncle.  Joanne and Robyn’s dad is Doming’s younger brother.  It was Doming who got the ladies interested in doing Bible Translation and he “signed them up.”  Doming passed away from cancer in January 2007, we miss him terribly.
Jo Shetler

Keep asking questions and leaving comments and we will try to answer them.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Update from Poblacion Natonin Mountian Province

<> <>
Balangao and Majukayong translation office

Dear Praying Friends,
         I am thankful to God for His sustaining grace upon me and my family as well.   Thank you, all of you who pray for us.

          One of the important steps in doing Bible Translation is checking the translation with the community, seeking their input and understanding.  It is the nature of our work that although something is clear to us, it may not be to the reader.  We want the community to not only help us with the work but to feel the excitement of discovering what God has to say.  We thank God for providing Neil and Roselyn, new members of the Balangao translation team, who are actively doing this community checking.  Please pray for them and for God to make His Word alive and real to the community.
            In our house church, we use the translated scripture every Sunday.  We do bible Study and we finished the book of Exodus last Sunday. In our study, we have seen how God has kept his promises.  God is faithful even if the people are unfaithful.  As we compared our lives with the lives of the Israelites, we have seen that we are not different from them.  The only difference is that they are the chosen people of God.  But the same in a way that even if we see God’s blessings and power, when trouble comes in our lives, we tend to grumble and blame God instead of trusting him.  We also have seen that God is a God of order.  We need to follow what he has commanded us to do.
             Another aspect of translation is what we call “Partner checking.”  I have finished partner checking Leviticus and have now finished the first draft of Song of songs.  Thank you for praying for me in that.

          We have had some very strong typhoons here lately.  Many granaries blown, fields destroyed due to slides.  Thanking God for His protection from some very severe destruction that has touched much of the country.  Some parts of the Philippines are still flooded from typhoons weeks ago; lives were lost, houses destroyed, crops were lost.
I have asked you to pray for Aaron, my fiancé in India.  He has been invited by the Asia Area IT to be part of that department, working in Manila staring Nov. 1.  But his passport has not yet arrived.  He is waiting for his passport to be released.  Then he will need to get a visa for the Philippines.  Word is that the passport will be dispatched on Oct. 23rd.  
We are having a retreat for the Northern Philippine Mother Tongue Translators Association (NPMTTA) this November 8-12.

Thank you all for your support.  To God be the Glory.

With a thankful heart,

Robyn Lucasi

Prayer Request:

Ø     Pray for us, the Balangao translation team.  We need God’s wisdom for this work.  And also pray for good health as we continue to work on the OT. Grace is drafting  Psalms, Joanne is partner checking Jeremiah and I am working on second draft of Numbers.  Neil is doing community check on II Samuel and Roselyn community checking Nehemiah.)

Ø     Pray for us as we work on a proposal to the Seed Company for funding for the Balangao project.

Ø    Pray for Neil and Roselyn as they do  community checking.  It requires a degree of courage and much perseverance.  Pray for an excitement and God’s Spirit to speak to people involved.  We long for Balangao people to have the Word of God ignite their hearts. 

Ø  Please pray that Aaron’s passport will be finished in good time and that he will be able to get a visa in time to begin work here in the Philippines on Nov. 1.

Ø  Pray for the NPMTTA retreat, that God will encourage our hearts and give us wisdom and fruitfulness as we pray, plan and build up each other’s faith.

Ø  Continue to pray for God’s leading in regards to my desire to become a Consultant-in-Training. I need God’s guidance and wisdom if this is what He wants me to do.  Pray that if this is what He wants me to do then He will provide a senior consultant to mentor me.

<> <> <> <>
Balangao translation team during devotion

Reading 2 Samuel
Reading 2 Samuel during the typhoon
and there was no current

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ripples by Ignacio


By Ignacio Magangat, Bible Translator for the Majukayongs

I was born at a time when foreign priests were so intent in Christianizing tribal people by baptizing them. So at only 8 days old, my parents brought me to the priests for Baptism. My parents said that was the first and the last they went to Church. However, in their thinking and in the minds of those who were baptized before me, I was made a Christian, nothing less and nothing more. But when a crisis comes such as sickness, my parents would not go to the priest for advice. They have a high priest at home that can consult the spirits who causes sickness. And she is my grandmother. She was a spirit medium. The spirit would demand our chickens and pigs and my old grandmother would sacrifice them to satisfy their demands so that they can remove our sickness. The spirits does not only cause and remove sickness, they can also determine our future, whom to marry, where, when and how to build a house and would also give fertility to our wives so they can bear many offspring. In short, they control our lives, and we live in fear.  
To make the story short, two lady Bible translators came to live among us to translate the Word of God into our native Language. (At first we did not then understand why they came. So people thought, they came to steal our language and sell it back home for a profit. Others thought they came looking for Japanese treasures. And others thought they came looking for a husband due to the shortage of American men because of the Vietnam War. But Balangao hospitality far outweighs our ignorance of their coming, so we served them our tribal rice and exotic tribal delicacies.) After years of trials and hard labor, they were able to translate and print some books of the New Testament.
And then Bible readings and discussions were held in our tribal homes. That was the time many Balangaos came to know the Lord and were liberated from the powers of the evil one. My parents and my siblings were among them. (If you were a Balangao freed from the powers of the evil one, then you would know the JOY that my family and my neighbors felt.) At the height of our liberation from the grip of the evil one when ‘The Word Came With Power’ and began to change a tribal people forever, I was then away from our tribe in the hope of finding a job in the lowlands so I can support my way to school. It was also during those times that my family and family friends fervently prayed for me to also come to know the Lord wherever I am.
In the province where I was, I befriended a missionary from the Southern Baptist Convention. I had thought they were also like the good Americans back in our tribe. To make the story short after much ado, he led me into prayer accepting Christ as my Savior and Lord. During our school break I decided to go home to tell my parents and siblings the Good News and the joy I felt. But before I do, I was hearing stories how they came to know the Lord from hearing the Word of God read and discussed in our language and of their prayers that I too may come to know the Lord.
To make the story a little shorter, I was led to join a committee of reviewers to review the Balangao Translation before it goes to the press. In the process of working as a reviewer, I have witnessed first-hand hardened spirit mediums coming to know the Lord because they were hearing God’s Word in a language they can understand.
After the Dedication of our Balangao New Testament, the Lord had been impressing on me that, “It would be so unfair for me to go on rejoicing for my new-found faith while we still have other tribal people who do not have what we have.” Then the Lord led me to accompany two members from the Summer Institute of Linguistics to do a language survey to Majukayong, one of our neighboring tribe in the mountains. This was a small group but they have produced many Anglican Priests. During this survey, it happened that this tribe was in tribal war with another tribe. They had just incurred three victims all of them were educated professionals. In revenge tribal killings, if at all possible, they want to kill the VIP’s (very important people) so as to incur much pain among their tribal enemy. In revenge, they also killed more people from among their tribal enemy. Yet they said the number of people they killed is nothing compared to their three educated ones. So they think they were still the loser.
One evening as we took notes of their language and compare it to other tribes whose languages were similar to them, I asked an entirely different question to an old man sitting next to me. I said, “Why is it that you have many priests who holds masses every Sunday and teach you God’s Word, but you are still killing one another? Is this the way to love your own neighbor?” The old man cleared his throat and said, “Ummaliyak ad Barangow ey nijuga assey usa ey nan-ad-adaranyu assey Gingan Apudyus. Ambaru an dakayu tey ma-awatanyu sey apporow mitudtuju tey niigga sey Gingan Apudyus assey kuwayu ey ginga. Kon an dakani ey, niippon kuwani as juganji.” (“I came to Balangaoiparuvus sey Apu, umaliyak.” (“God willing, I will come.”)
After some years of training, God brought me there. After we were settled down as a family and were about to begin translation, a clan war broke up so I have to get my family and move back to Balangao. Then in 2002 with the help of TSC, we went in again, but this time we decided to put up our working place at Down River Majukayong. Now, through the years, through God’s Grace and mercy, we were able to translate and print some portions of the New Testament into Majukayong. Then in seven Majukayong villages, we organized a reading class. We call it ‘Reading Class’ in order to be more inclusive of anyone who wants to join the reading.
Tom’s car who delivered our printed Acts, James 
and 1,2,and 3 John got stuck on the mud

Russel Laguinday unloading our books

1 of 7 reading class

2 0f 7 Reading Class.

One special bonus from God for our Translation Ministry in Majukayong was one of our translation helper, Russel Laguinday who lives in a village 5 kilometers north of our working place in Majukayong. Being so much younger than I am, I call him ‘amonakon’ nephew, and he calls me ‘ulitog’ uncle. When we began working together, his family and his parents were the only Christians in their village. And whenever we were dismissed for the day he would print out some copies of our draft and bring it home and invite some of his neighbors to just read our Translation for the day to further test the naturalness of our translation. He said it would usually lead their readings into discussions and to further study the Bible. It was very informal. No preaching, just reading, discussion, reading, discussions and question-and-answer. Over the three-year period, there were those who believed and were added to their group. Later, they put up a little structure and called it their church building. Then in August of 2005, elders from a bigger church next town went there and laid their hands on him in prayer and commissioned him to pastor that small church.

Pastor Russel Laguinday   

A group of new believers taught by Russel Laguinday

Later, I was invited again to share from God’s Word not to a reading class but to a group of new believers. We discussed varied topics such as being born again into God’s family, Baptism and many more. After our discussion session, new believers expressed their desire to follow the Lord in the Believers Baptism. (Since it was December and it was very cool, they scheduled it for the coming summer.) True to their word, we were again invited to witness their first ever Baptismal Service. I just can’t restrain the balls of tears falling down my face as I took our MTT’s picture, now evolved as pastor baptizing the new believers. It was just so wonderful to behold.

Russel Laguinday’s first ever Baptismal service on a river bank
After that wonderful Sunday, our youngest son, Ephraim and I began to hike back home in the cool of the day. As we hiked back home, I began to replay in my mind what has transpired during the day among the new-breed of believers and then I kept thanking the Lord for His wonderful goodness and love and for calling me into this wonderful ministry of putting His Word into Majukayong, our Balangao tribal neighbor. Then all of a sudden, I realized, I was in deep meditation on Paul’s letter to the Corinthians in Chapter 1:26 – 30.

(New Century Version)

26 Brothers and sisters, look at what you were when God called you. Not many of you were wise in the way the world judges’ wisdom. Not many of you had great influence. Not many of you came from important families. 27 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and he chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 28 He chose what the world thinks is unimportant and what the world looks down on and thinks is nothing in order to destroy what the world thinks is important. 29 God did this so that no one can brag in his presence. 30 Because of God you are in Christ Jesus who has become for us wisdom from God.

At that moment in time, I found myself looking back from the present towards the fleeing past. I was then a backward tribal person under the power of the evil one. I was then the barbarian, the descendant of a tribal headhunter. I was the nonsense and the weak from an inferior village. I was the despised, the lowly, and more so, I was once hell ward bound! But then God has also chosen me to also believe and trust in Him from out of the Millions because someone from far-away lands decided to invest her life in putting God’s Word into my heart language so that I can understand God’s message of love and accept His free gift of Salvation. Now, His Word came with power and has transformed the nonsense, the weak, the despised and the lowly forever to become members of His eternal wonderful family. Now, I am heaven bound. Now, I find myself speechless - for how can I say thanks for the good things the Lord of the Universe has done for me? Not even the voices of the million angels could express my gratitude. Now, I stand amazed as I personally watch the ripples of His wonderful love and goodness through His Word going before us. Now, the ripples have gone far beyond our Balangao tribe. To God Be the Glory for the things He has done!….

The Magangat family - standing from left to right: 
Stephen, Titus, Kimberly Ruth, Ephraim and Timothy

Majukayong and Family update and prayer request:

1) We still have 4 books left to work with to complete the Majukayong New Testament; these are 1 and 2 Corinthians and 1 and 2 Peter. For 1 and 2 Corinthians, we only need to do more community checking then prepare it for Consultant Checking. Pray that we will finish the Majukayong New Testament so I can be of more help to our Balangao OT Translators.

2) Our daughter Kim finished her BS Biology degree. Now she plans to join TAP (Translators Association of the Philippines, Inc.) or Wycliffe Philippines and plans to be a literacy worker in Africa, God willing. Pray for God’s direction in her life.

3) Our eldest son Stephen got married last Sept. 10 and is now working as an Instructor for Criminology Students in the Bicol College. Pray that God would always remind him of the things he learned from us and always stands up for his faith.

4) Tim, our second son is also now working in Manila. Pray for God’s blessing in his life and in his work as Bank Building Inspector for LBP (Land Bank of the Phil.) so that he can also be of help in the Balangao OT Translation Project.

5) Titus and Ephraim are still in college. Pray also not only for their daily school needs but that they may truly learn well and also be a good Christian Witness among their co-students. (Titus hopes to graduate this school year.)

6) Finding financial partners in a 3rd world country is always a struggle and more so for us in the Tribe. Pray that God would send us more partners knowing that we cannot do it alone.

Thanks Ignacio for sharing your testimonial. Pray for him and his family for protection and health during the final stages of the translation.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Update and history from the translation team

July 10,2011 marked the day that finally the Balangao and Majukayong translators could shout, It’s truly finished! We have a place to translate!”
No words can express our thankfulness to everyone who helped, prayed and gave for the project. We thank God so very, very much , and all those who helped build and for those who prayed for this project. We pray God to truly bless all of you.
Before Daryl, Kyle and Robinson [the last building crew] left and the building was finished, Daryl said to us, "We’ve finished the building…but the big job is yours—the translation work.” That’s why we still need YOU and other people to help us do the big task before us! We need you to pray for us—a lot! You have become our support team.
In the last set of pictures you saw us at our desks, working.
History of the Balangao Translation Team
God started speaking Balangao when SIL missionary Joanne Shetler obeyed God and traveled from “a million miles away” to the land where people were forced to obey the spirits—they controlled their lives.
When the word of God started to appear in the heart language of the Balangaos, people started believing. Then in 1982 the Balangao New Testament was completed with the help of so many who contributed to the task in one way or another. That book was dedicated at one of the Bible conferences that was held in Butac. Besides the NT, Genesis 1-30 was also printed and in trial use during that time. The completed Balangao NT was like giving the Balangaos a two-edged sword to use in everyday life. The believers were so very happy to have their sword; they treasured it so very much. Then they came to know that the NT was only the second part of the whole God-story. In the analogy of evangelist and Bible teacher, Doming Lucasi, he said, “Having only the NT is like having a sword without a handle.” He needed the Old Testament to teach from. The more the people heard about it, the more they started to clamor for it.
In 1999, Doming formed the first Balangao Translation Team: Robyn Lucasi, Genny Galdayén and Alipio Baleo-ang under the guidance of Doming and Loree Lucasi. The following year Joanne Lucasi was recruited to join the team. Alipio left the team the end of 2000 and Genny Galdayén’s health caused her to leave in September 2001. That year in August Grace Dontogan joined the team. She was recruited as the representative of the Roman Catholic group. Cristy Seb-oton also helped but only for a number of months—she had young children at home and could not stay away from them for so long.
The team did not have adquate training for the task; the great need caused them to just plunge in and work! How the team thanks the Lord for the people along the way who had the expertise and were willing to help train us novice translators.
This need led to the establishment of the Northern Philippines Mother Tongue Translators Association (NPMTTA) in June 2000 at SIL-Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya. It is our umbrella organization for a number of teams who are to continuing translation of God’s Word into their languages. SIL has sponsored countless workshops and seminars training the mother tongue translators. And SIL translators have been mentoring them in their work.
Our team has gone through many struggles as we have tried to work on our own. We were able to do a rough draft of most of the OT. Sadly, none of those books progressed to the printing stage yet when the Lord took our visionary and encourager, Doming, home to be with Him in 2007. This left the team with only three members: Joanne, Robyn and Grace.
In 2009, five books of the OT was printed: Genesis, I Samuel 1-15, Nehemiah, Jonah and Malachi. The three of us kept working on second drafts and exegesis of the other books.
Currently, we’re working on different stages of different books. Joanne partner-checking Jeremiah, Robyn is partner-checking Leviticus and Grace is doing second draft of 1 Chronicles.
Please join us in thanking the Lord for this beautiful finished translation building and for His provision of this place. Also, THANK Him for all those individuals, known and unknown, who helped in this project by building, praying and giving toward it For good health. We thank the Lord, too, each day for meeting our personal needs.
But we still need your prayer help. One of our chief concerns and greatest prayer needs is for the church leaders here in Balangao to “join the team” by helping us check the translated scriptures by using them in their Bible studies. We desperately need their help. Please also help us by asking the Lord to give us the wisdom we need to continue this task before us. And pray for God's provision of our daily needs. Please don’t forget to mention our need for good health and that need also for our families.

2004 Balangao Translation Team

Jo and Team going over Jonah

Jo and Translation Team checking Nehemiah 2

The Forever grateful trio

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 23 at JAARS report

This is a video Kyle made for the report August 23 at JAARS in Waxhaw, NC. 
He created it from all the pictures that were taken from all the teams that spent time in Balangao.
The songs are sung by Robin Mark
The first is "When it’s all said and done" and the 2nd is "Be unto your name"
The Video is 58megs so it might take time to load if your internet connection is slow.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A day Working in the Kindom of GOD!

To start with, we just wanted to thank you once again everyone who had been praying for the Balangao and Majukayong translation team.  We are very happy to finally have a space to work. After the dedication, we had a hard time bringing back our translation working mode but by God's grace here we are continuing the work to finish the handle(for Balangao) and blade(for Majukayong) of our BOLO.

Translating the Old Testament in the Balangao language is again under way after the newly built office was dedicated in July! Grace is working on 1 Chronicles, Joanne working on Ecclesiastes and her twin sister Robyn  is checking Leviticus. Meanwhile Ignacio and his wife Luth are translating the New Testament into the Majukayong language and they are presently working hard to get the books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Jude ready for a face to face checking with their consultant from Philippine Bible Society on August 15.

We will update the blog when there are updates, thank you for continuing to read and pray about the progress that is being made.

Once again thank you very much for all your helps and concern for the Balangaos and the Majukayongs.  
May the Lord bring you back all the blessings that you deserve.

In Him,
Joanne for all of us here

Grace, Joanne, and Robyn working in the new office.

Ignacio and Luth working on the Majukayong translation.

Robyn working on the Balangao translation.

Ignacio translating in new office.

The new office being used for God's work!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A day of Celebration in pictures

Here's the beginning of it all...we started the program at 10 a.m. and finished a bit after 1 p.m.  It was a wonderful program!

It was awesome....mythological names given to the Majukayong men and the Balangao ladies.  They each sang a song in appreciation.  The men sang How Great Thou Art in their language and the Balangaos wrote a Balangao.  SO good at the end! (see previous post on blog)

Pastor Nardo was wonderful, speaking from the translated Nehemiah. WE were impressed that the mayor not only spoke but he also had a very special luncheon for me, talking about how "Juami" isn't a memory in Balangao, but a legend.  May it be the Lord's legend..when the Word of God came to Balangao!

After people ate they got out the gongs to dance...hard on the ears but everyone loved it!

It was very moving for the dedication prayer--all the teams working together to bring glory to God and both Balangao and Majukayong people into the Kingdom to praise God with the rest of us!

And we had a wonderful program.  Andrew Reichenbacher spoke so eloquently on behalf of all the building teams who to whom Balangaos expressed extreme thanks.  All the others will get their certificate of appreciation in the mail!

George Jones spoke on behalf of the donors without whom this would never have happened!  How we THANK the Lord for all they were able to do! George also prayed the prayer of dedication for the Majukayong team and the Balangao team.  Representatives of the Mangali team arrived about at the end of the program!

It didn't start to rain 'til 2 pm...We were THANKING the Lord!

Behind the scenes in the night

Butchering 2 pigs & 1 cow

3 wheel barrows full of cooked rice

Crowds being fed

Crowds getting rice
Fannah's sing their song

Girls dance

Laggunawa's sing their songs

Tony Dasalla of TAP

In Chris' house

Jo's encouragement

Mayor Chiyawan speaks

On our way to the Mayor's luncheon
Pastor Nardo and Nehemiah
Andrew on behalf of builders
George on behalf of donors

Awards to the Police Dept


Dancing inside cuz rocks only outside

George follows lead dancer

Praise God from whom all Blessing flow.  Pray for the teams that have work ahead of them.  We wait to see what God will do with the Bible in Natonin and Balangao and the areas around.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dear Praying Friends,                                   July 12, 2011

Greetings from two sides of the world – I’m in Balangao and Amy is in Waxhaw.  We so appreciate your prayers for us both during this time.  Here are a few updates:

Balangao Translation Office Dedication
The dedication Sunday (July 10) was wonderful!  Chairs were crammed into the office building and more chairs were outside—but the majority of people had to stand. Ignacio did a masterful job as MC, guiding the program; Pastor Nardo’s message from the translated book of Nehemiah was so fitting.  He used the analogy of the opposition and celebration of building Jerusalem’s wall, comparing it to the building of the translation office.  Both the Balangao and the Majukayong translation teams sang special songs.  Joanne, Robyn and Grace wrote theirs for the dedication (see words attached).  The mayor spoke.  And Tony Dasalla representing TAP (Translators Association of the Philippines) gave an excellent talk: he encouraged the Balangao and Majukayong translation teams to accommodate the Mangali translation team, helping them and perhaps others of the Kalinga cluster group, with their translations.  This office building may well serve a much wider spectrum of translation efforts than we had imagined!  He also encouraged church leaders to be involved, helping to make the translation very readable.  Certificates of Appreciation were presented to numerous officials; acknowledgments were made of all those who helped in butchering a cow and two huge pigs, the cooking of those along with several hundred pounds of rice. Along with thanks to all those committees, extreme thanks and appreciation were extended to the indefatigable teams who came from America, making it all happen.  And with those teams, the thanks extended to those incredibly generous donors who provided the funds.  We even had one of the builders and two donors at the celebration!  Andrew spoke of the blessings the builders received in their working alongside Balangaos; George and his wife came from Atlanta area to help celebrate and he spoke on behalf of the other donors.  It takes the WHOLE team to make such a project possible and that includes the prayer team.  YOU were also thanked—read the words of the song!  The Balangao team ended the program by having everyone sing “Natonin is for Christ” which was printed in the program so everyone could join in (see words attached). 

We will work on uploading photos as soon as we can get adequate internet access!  But for now we’ve copied two photos below.  Check to see the completed building and eventually photos of the dedication celebration!

Nard instigated making a PPT for my 75th birthday which my first working partner Anne narrated.  Thought you’d enjoy seeing it.  Amy uploaded it to this link:  It’s almost 6 minutes long—5:41.  Look under “My Photos” where it says Full screen…click on that to see the video “full screen” J 

Helicopter Update for my Travel  
Many of you have asked about the status of the helicopter for my leaving Balangao on Wednesday.  With my precarious neck-fusion-that-didn’t-fuse, I’ve been classified as an “emergency” and can’t travel overland.  The helicopter pilot plans to jump-start the battery for the flight into Balangao; he will not shut the engine down but I’ll board and fly out to the helicopter’s base in Tuguegarao. Pray that I’ll be able to get on an earlier flight out of Tuguegarao for a reasonable price as the flight I’m scheduled on arrives late in Manila making a taxi ride to the Center quite problematic.

Amy’s Activities
Amy enjoyed being with family in Texas (see photo below) while I was in the Philippines.  Along with celebrating sister Julie’s special birthday, highlights included family time at a lake house where nephews fished and board games with nieces and nephews made it special.  They all celebrated the 4th of July with ribs, roasted potatoes, corn salad, watermelon and homemade ice cream!  Everyone has now returned to their normal routine except for her parents—this week is her Dad 3rd week of chemo infusion treatments.  The good news is that the treatments are working—his white blood count has been lowered from the unacceptable 157 to 5!  Yesterday’s treatment took 5 hours and he did begin to react to the medicine with chills and shaking, but two bags of steroids stopped that. We both appreciate your prayers for Amy’s family.  Meanwhile she’s continuing her work here in Waxhaw.  I return there on the 19th.

With deep gratitude to God for each of you and your prayer partnership,
Jo and for Amy

The prayer of dedication of the two translation teams to the Lord. 
George Jones did the prayer.

Inside the office building; the rest of the chairs outside…
and people “hanging in the windows!”

With my folks, my siblings and 5 of my nieces and nephews

The heavens declare your glory
The nations bow before thee
And in this place let your praise arise
NATONIN is for Christ
Reign, reign Lord Jesus
In our hearts and in our lives
Reign, reign oh Lord of the heavens
NATONIN is for Christ.
Forever your name be exalted
Oh Lord of all creation
And in this place we lift your name on high
NATONIN is for Christ
Reign, reign Lord Jesus
In our hearts and in our lives
Reign, reign oh Lord of the heavens
Natonin is for Christ

Song Written for Balangao Translation Office Dedication

July 10, 2011

 Tune: Hindi (Praise song)
Apudyus manyaman-ani’n Hea                         God, we bring our thanks to you
Te antoyan–ani amin ahto                                      Because here we are, all in this place
Way manayaw hen ngachanno                               To worship your name.

Saramat hen antochay sosnodni                     Thank you, to these our siblings
Way ummale’y mèladladsak an chàni                   Who have come to celebrate with us
Hen narpasanto’y officeni                                     This finishing of this our office

Chakar agé hen manyamananni                       Great also is our thanks
Sosnodni way tommorong an chàni                      To our siblings who have helped us
Ta  wachay man-offisanni                                     So that  this our office can be/exist

Chawaténni agén bindisyunno                         We’re also asking Your blessing  [God]
Hen amin way tommorong way  a-anàno On all who have  helped [us] your children
Yag anat ma-amma-anto                                        By making all this happen 

Hen anchichay amin way ummidchat               To all those who have been givers
Ya hen  amin anchichay  nantarafaho                 And all those who have worked
Umat agén ninluwaru                                              Likewise all who have prayed…

(Tune: KalabasaJ)
Saramat an uncle way Nard ya hea Auntie Juami    THANK YOU Uncle Nard and Aunt Juami
Ya an chàyuy SILers  hen aminay torongyu               And all you SILers for all your help

To you Mr. and Mrs. Jones thank you for giving to the Lord    (In English!)                     
And were glad you’re here with us celebrating God’s goodness.

Manyaman-anin chàyu amin way nansakrifisyu           We all thank you-all for your sacrificing
Bindisyun Apo an chàyu  an chàni imfingayyu             The gifts of the Lord to you and giving
                                                                                                 us this share

Wat yato  hen chawatni  an chàyu way sosnodni   So this is our request of you our brothers
Masapornin luwaruyu  metoroyan  tarafaho.        You must pray for the continuing work here

Hen chawatni agén chàyu sosnod way iFarangao       Our request to you our Balangao brothers
Ta mantetennorongtaaw  ta marpas hen Bibliataaw  Let’s help each other so our Bible will
                                                                                               be done

Te antoy alen Apudyus yato hen mangintudtuchu      ‘Cuz this Word of God, it teaches
Hen ustoy Kahara-an way  ah Jesus yanggayn charan  how to be saved, Jesus being the
                                                                                                   only trail/way

Anggaychih ifagani an chàyu way sosnodni          That’s all we have to say to you our brothers
Saramat ummaliyanyu  way mèladladsak an chain  THANK you for coming to celebrate with us!