Friday, May 25, 2012

Question from Price

Hi Ms. Joanne!  We just finished reading And the Word Came with Power, we are praying for the Balangaos, and wondering if there is another way we can help the translation team along with prayer?  Thank you for your great book!

Age 8
Air Force Family

Dear Price,

It’s wonderful to hear from you! Please pray for God to lead Ignacio (the Translation Team leader) to some men who will be skilled and have a gift to translate.  We need some men!  I am not sure if you are asking about help besides prayer.  Of course, they always like to get a little salary.  If you would like to give like that, you can send a gift to Wycliffe and ask them to please apply it to the Balangao OT project, Philippines.
 (The address for Wycliffe is PO Box 628200, Orlando, FL, 32862-8000.)

 Have a wonderful summer, Price!
“Aunt” Jo (In Wycliffe we get to play “auntie” to all children!)

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