Sunday, July 10, 2011

It’s time to CELEBRATE!!

Life is teaming with activity here!  All kinds of committees are fast at work.  The wood-gathering committee got all the firewood together to cook 5 sacks of rice (100 lbs each!); the butchering committee killed the cow Saturday afternoon; the cooking committee started cooking that meat so it’ll be tender; more butchering of two HUGE pigs happened in the night; the decorating committee is making the place look beautiful; the program committee has been fast at work; the chair committee has gathered chairs from all over…and the committees keep on going!  In the end the clean-up committee will have plenty to do!  This is the norm for any function in Balangao…and it seems they all know what to do.  We from the outside stand in awe!!  It’s time to CELEBRATE!!  God has brought together a vast team—a need produced a vision.  That gave rise to sharing a message; God’s people responded.  Men (and even a woman) took leave of their work and places of service and volunteered uncountable hours and days and weeks of extreme labor.  Others gathered together finances, making personal sacrifices to bring together all that was needed.  There is no way to properly enumerate all that God has brought together…many gracious and extra-hour efforts from staff in Manila to fellow translator, Rudy, who has done SOOO much behind the scenes to the men who sweat buckets-full, hand-leveling a place, hauling cement, building…  God has made us RICH by deeply-bonding our hearts in awe and THANKS to Him for such friends in every corner.

Today we’ll be taking pictures and CELEBRATING!!  Wish you ALL could join us!



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