Friday, August 12, 2011

A day Working in the Kindom of GOD!

To start with, we just wanted to thank you once again everyone who had been praying for the Balangao and Majukayong translation team.  We are very happy to finally have a space to work. After the dedication, we had a hard time bringing back our translation working mode but by God's grace here we are continuing the work to finish the handle(for Balangao) and blade(for Majukayong) of our BOLO.

Translating the Old Testament in the Balangao language is again under way after the newly built office was dedicated in July! Grace is working on 1 Chronicles, Joanne working on Ecclesiastes and her twin sister Robyn  is checking Leviticus. Meanwhile Ignacio and his wife Luth are translating the New Testament into the Majukayong language and they are presently working hard to get the books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Jude ready for a face to face checking with their consultant from Philippine Bible Society on August 15.

We will update the blog when there are updates, thank you for continuing to read and pray about the progress that is being made.

Once again thank you very much for all your helps and concern for the Balangaos and the Majukayongs.  
May the Lord bring you back all the blessings that you deserve.

In Him,
Joanne for all of us here

Grace, Joanne, and Robyn working in the new office.

Ignacio and Luth working on the Majukayong translation.

Robyn working on the Balangao translation.

Ignacio translating in new office.

The new office being used for God's work!

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