Friday, April 8, 2011

A day Building...Preparing for a Celebration

Yesterday, Daryl, Robinson, and Grace traveled to Bananao about two hours drive, and purchased two pigs in preparation for the celebration of team one's completion of stage one of the building project. Daryl and Robinson will oversee the preparation and cooking of the pigs. They will be preparing Lechon Baboy (Roasted pig) the pigs will be stuffed with lemon grass, onion, and garlic. The pigs will be braised with brown sugar and coke. everything will be cooked over a wood fire. It will take about seven hours to slow roast the pigs. The lechon baboy is prepared this way in the lowlands, and the Balangaos have a different way of cooking the pigs. This was an opportunity for Daryl and Robinson to treat everyone to something different.. Of course we will eat all of the other parts of the pig Balangao style. Wish you all could be here!

Kyle and Daryl worked today on the removal of the forms from the completed floor section, and began to form up the section for the entry way. the cement for that will be poured on Monday. The rest of the team gave the shovels a rest.
Thanks for all your prayers!

And I though I had a bad seat.

A quick look at the pig being carried and the start of the steps.

The washing of the truck in the river, MATT LOOK OUT!

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