Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A day Building...resting and remembering

A famous man once said "The body can rest, but the shovel must keep on working" Of course we who have previously worked with Nard Pugyao, know well that he was the one who coined that phrase. Well Nard the shovel is now at rest as well as the body, at least for this team. Considering the Shovel; here are some interesting statistics. I have estimated that we as a team have excavated nearly 80 cubic yards of dirt. We hauled over 30 cubic yards of sand and gravel, and mixed 35 yards of concrete by hand.

 Balangao is now forever implanted in our hearts; we will always clearly visualize the beautiful mountains, cool cloudy breezes, the sounds of dogs! Roosters! and karaoke. The taste of balangao coffee, beetle nut, roasted baboy (Pig). The warm smiles and easy going nature of the Balangao people, all who made us very welcome. The road here was definitely less traveled, but well worth it. To all of you who prayed, we thank you. To those of you who helped fund this project, we praise God for your contribution to bible translation. The next team will arrive the first week of May. To them new experiences await. Their lives will also be forever changed by Balangao, and the people who live here.

 Many thanks!

 Sincerely, in Christ!
Daryl Beltz, Leader Team One

nearly 80 cubic yards of dirt moved

We will miss our Balangao Friends
As the caption says we will miss our new friends we have made.  Pray for the Balangao as the first team leaves and they prepare for the second team.  Pray for all the people that are going to be traveling via truck to Manila, then planes home.  Pray for the second team as they prepare to travel to the Philippines.

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