Friday, April 15, 2011

A day Building… Gone but never forgotten

As the first team heads home, we are gone out of Balangao but will never forget the people we have met and became brothers and sisters in Christ.  We will continue to pray for progress with the 2nd team and the translation as we head back to our heart language.   Remember all the translators that are throughout the world and the work that God has put before them.  Ask for Gods wisdom as they work through the Bible and the many decisions that they have to make each day.  

Sites on the road back to Manila, this is by Barlig

I believe this is Talubin, between Bontoc and Banaue

Some of the world famous Banaue Rice Terraces

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  1. Missing our brothers here. Have a safe travel back home(Austin, Matt, Kyle and Robinson)

    Daryl, Hope you are now home safe.

    To all of you including manong Brad, uncle Nard, manang Cris and manong Dennis, auntie Jo and Amy and everyone who prayed and contributed towards this project "Thank you very much." God bless you all.