Friday, June 17, 2011

But God Knows

United States, Philippines, Canada, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Luxembourg, Belgium, Malaysia, Guam, Jordan, Macedonia [FYROM], United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, China, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Israel, South Africa, Lebanon, Mozambique, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, and Mexico.

Look at where this blog has been read from. I don't even know where some of these places are.  Maybe some were just surfing the web and stumbled upon it, maybe some heard about it from a friend.  Some were traveling and keeping track of loved ones working on the project.  No matter what the reason this just like every other project that goes on throughout the world is a global project with an eternal purpose.  We thank all that have read this and that have touched this project and left your finger print.  Let it be by praying, money, letting a loved one go work, or sweating on the work site. We are encouraged by what has taken place here in Balangao. 

There were names added to the book in heaven because of this project,  I can only imagine, But God Knows. The work is done on the building, but the work is continuing on the translations.  How many people will travel from Balangao and this region and spread Gods love? Only God knows and many we will never hear about, But God Knows.  Some we will talk to, some we will not, But God Knows.  We don’t know all the ways that people helped with the building, But God Knows.  We don’t know all the ways some have helped with the New Testament translation in years past, But God Knows.  We don’t know how many people will help with the Old Testament translation in small or large ways, But God Knows.  Thanks to all the people that have gotten the project to this point, we might not have named you in the blog, But God Knows.  Thanks to all the people that will help finish the project, we don’t know you by name yet, But God Knows.

Praise God from whom all Blessing flow.   

The Celebration in early July

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