Monday, June 13, 2011

A day Building...Jack of all trades

Here is the Monday update,
Progress continues on the translation office. Saturday the team tiled the bathroom, finished painting, cleaning up some of our mess, and moved some stone around the perimeter of the building. Monday the bathroom tile was grouted, Kitchen cabinet installed, and painted. In the afternoon the Formica counter top was glued on and sink installed. The plumbing for water was pressure tested, two fittings were found to leak, and were repaired. Some concrete caps were formed and poured for the septic, and water shut off. Some of the guys worked on the stone wall, and improvements were made for better ground drainage. Some final fitting continues on the rain gutters, downspouts and drains.
All in all it was a very busy weekend and day, thanks for continuing to pray for the team!
The Balangao Team!

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