Friday, June 10, 2011

A day Building...connecting to the city(water)

The team painted a second coat of primer on the outside of the building. We got a good start on the plumbing. There was a little excitement when the local guy with the large capacity pipe wrench showed up to do our hook up to the local water main. During the reconnect he stripped the threads on the union connector, and no one was sure if there was another one here locally. Sometime later another guy showed up with a new one, and the repair was made. Secondary steps were formed and poured today. Gutters are now up on one side of the building, and should be nearly completed tomorrow.
Thanks for all the prayers and Praise God for all that has been completed on the building and in the community.

Kyle has a lot of help, check out the stone wall in the back ground.

Connecting to the water main
The Balangao translation ladies are washing and waxing
the floor in excited anticipation of using their new office

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