Thursday, June 2, 2011

A day Building...Door to open and windows to look out

Daryl, Kyle, Robinson, Grace, Joann, and three of the Balangao men finished installing the ceiling, worked on stuccoing the exterior walls, sanding the window jams, and hanging the front door.
It was a busy day for all, but we felt like we made a huge step forward by the end of the day. Tomorrow the team will caulk the ceiling, and seams, start digging for the French drain behind the building, put primer on the window jams, and install the front door hardware, in addition there needs to be some cleanup inside before we start with the interior walls.

Thanks to everyone for praying!
Daryl setting the hinges for the front door

Robinson and Grace sanding the window jams
The Balangao men stuccoing the exterior walls around the security bars

North side looking East

East wall

Looking north at the south wall

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