Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A day Building...Watch for falling Rock

With Bob and Linda returning home Kyle is going to be sending updates again.  They are going to need our prayers and emails for support.

Daryl and kyle made a resupply trip to Solano, about 5 hrs drive on Sunday. They returned today with more water, food, and building materials. Robinson stayed behind to work with the men on some landscaping, and hauling of sand and gravel. Work will resume with the guys and the Balangao men on Thursday. The goal is to get finished in the next three weeks. Looking ahead the guys will need to finish the ceilings, Plumbing, Interior walls, Install bathroom fixtures, Tile, Kitchen cabinet and sink, Lighting, some unfinished electrical, Windows, painting, gutters, drains, sidewalk, install interior and exterior doors, and trim. Please pray for Daryl, Kyle, and Robinson, as well as the Balangao men as they labor, and partner together in the next couple of weeks. Please pray that they will finish well, and that God will be honored with this new building for bible translation.

Just one of the road obstacles we passed today.

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