Monday, June 6, 2011

A day Building...plugs and walls, paint and lights

The team made great progress on Saturday The interior walls were framed and sheeted, even a primer coat was finished on some of the walls. The light switches and outlets were installed. The ceilings got their final coat of paint, and lights were hung throughout the office. On Sunday the team rested and took a sort hike to take in some of the local views of the mountains.
Monday the team members will work on hanging doors on the offices, starting work on rain gutters, and French drain. The team will also continue with painting, If time allows some plumbing work may begin.
Please pray for the busy week ahead, the team is getting down to the final two weeks to complete on schedule, there is still much to do. Give thanks to God for the progress and safety that he has granted. Pray for Daryl, Kyle and Robinson and there family's as they work to complete this project. Give thanks for Grace, Joanne, and Robyn and the willingness to be an anchor in Balangao.

Daryl working on the electric wiring and plugs

Grace painting the interior walls

Kyle and Daryl framing and installing interior walls

Robinson and Grace painting, look at the new lights!

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