Thursday, June 16, 2011

A day Building...with God you can move mountains

Greetings to all! And praise be to God! By His power, and provision the Bible translation office in now completed. The past several days have been very busy for the team. Lots of details needed to come together to finish. By God’s grace we actually finished several days ahead of schedule. Over the past few days, we completed plumbing, painted second coats of paint on interior and exterior walls, finished retaining walls, landscaping, exterior trim was finished, kitchen cabinet was installed, and today we cleaned up the project site, organized our tools, and packed them up for the 5 hour trip back to Bagabag in the morning, then on to Manila Saturday. Today we all shared lunch together that Grace and Joanne prepared. As Kyle, Robinson, and I reflected on the whole project, the first thing that came to mind was; that it is not about a building, but about the Word of God. Specifically the Word of God that has the power to change lives. We reminisced about arriving and getting!
  Our first look at the building site. I remember saying to the Lord, this is going to be hard work to build this on the side of a mountain, but with your strength we can do this. We have been blessed to be part of this project from the first shovel of dirt, to the last look back as we walked away, amazed at what God has done. The real work continues; Bible translation! That is the work that transforms lives through the written Word of God. Our lives have been impacted through this experience, relationships were stretched at times, as cultures worked side by side, but our lives were changed for the better through this experience. We can now say we have friends, more importantly, brothers and sisters in Christ here in Balangao.  Thank you for being a part of this great work of Bible Translation.  Some gave, some prayed and some worked.  My challenge to you is this, will you now continue to pray for the ongoing work here in Balangao!
Sincerely in Christ,
              Daryl & the team

The team at the front door of the office.

The office looking back up the hill with the new steps and the church in the back ground
A look back - this was day 2

The "keys" are handed over

Last look back with Grace looking back at us. 
Next up celebrating Gods great work!

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