Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A day Building...moving mountains

Today is the last work day for the week. Three of the team drive to Bagabag on Sunday, and Bob and Linda fly out on Monday. Only Daryl, Kyle, and Robinson will return to Natonin and they will finish the building.
Andrew working on the ceiling grid work in the bathroom.
The bathroom door is the first to be hung.

Packing up for the final time before Andrew and Bob and Linda leave. Now Team 3 is down to only 3 members- Daryl, Kyle, and Robinson. Pray for them as they continue the building process.

Andrew, Linda, and Bob ready to leave the job site for the last time. (2 views- from front entrance and side view showing the windows)

Here I (Linda) am with Grace and Joanne for one final shot near the front entrance. You can see the security bars are being painted. They were ordered locally, as was the kitchen cabinet from another man.
You can also see the building from the helipad as they waited for us to leave.
It is hard to believe it was just a hill not long ago.
The clouds were not cooperating- for awhile Bob didn't think we'd be able to fly out! Brad had to fly way around the valley skirting the clouds to get in. He needed some fuel, but he didn't want to take too long due to the weather.

We were able to lift off directly from the helipad, fly through the valley and onto Tuguegarao, all in only 30 minutes! It was a beautiful flight! We had lunch with the New Tribes pilot and his family at one of their favorite restaurants and then went to the airport to wait for our flight to Manila. We arrived by taxi at the Manila Guest House about 5:45 pm.
Yes that's Linda in the back and NO Bob is not flying just taking pictures

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