Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Day building… Relationships

Today we started to build relationships.  We had meetings with the Mayor and the Chief of Police.  The pictures are below.  We all signed in at the Police station so they could add to their log book.  In the meeting with the mayor he explained some of the things that they have problems with.  Like same words meaning two different things only 11km apart. He is grateful that we came from the states and offered support for the project.   After the meeting Grace, Robyn, and Joanne showed us around some of the city.  They showed us two pieces of the helicopter that crashed with Joanne Shetler, the doctor and others on board.  If you have read the book “And the Word Came with Power” you know the story.  After the tour we did get to the work site and took some measurements.  Daryl and Kyle have a meeting with the elders tonight to discuss the building.   In the Philippines relationships are very important.  Today might not have had a lot of work building an office but it did have a lot of work building relationships with officials and elders of the community.  Pray that there will be fruitful returns from today’s relationship building.   Also pray that we all stay healthy and the weather stays dry.  Also pray for Grace, Robin, and Joanne as they take care of us during our time in Balangao and Ignacio as the go between the elders and Daryl and Kyle.  Thanks for the comments, we love to read them and hope you like to read the blog as well.
Chief of Police
Meeting the Mayor

Ignacio showing us where we are

Grace, Robyn, and Joanne
Part of the side of the Helicopter

One of the gears from the helicopter

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  1. This is very exciting that you are starting this project! People from all over are praying for you .. you can tell because you only had one flat tire! haha, from one who has had the awesome opportunity to visit Balangao. Please give warm greetings to Ingacio and Luth from Kathy in CA. Blessings to you all!