Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A day Building…Making and pouring cement

Once again we had no rain which is good.  Everything was ready for the cement, so the Filipino workers started making the cement.  They setup a slide for the gravel/sand mix to slide down the hill to where they mixed it and made cement.  Then they used a bucket brigade to get the cement to the forms for the footers.  It went very well for the amount of cement we had to fill the footer.  They had it done by 3:00pm, so Daryl and Kyle started forming up the retaining wall for tomorrow cement.  So we started to get ready for tomorrow’s work and cement by hauling gravel and gathering rocks from the river/waterfall.  
  Matt and Austin are fitting in now.   After work they went and “showered” in a nearby water fall.  They are also teasing Grace, Robyn, and Joanne.  The ladies say they are acting like little brothers in jest.  They must of liked the hamburgs we had for lunch.
  We are thankful that we have good progress to show today and are ready for a good day tomorrow.  We had 19 Filipino helpers today, which made the work go very well today.  We are thankful for their help and knowledge of working with cement.

Robinson pouring some of the first cement.

The sand/gravel slide with mixing at the bottom

Collecting rocks from the riverbed to put in the cement

Merienda time

Today we introduce Daryl -  project team leader

Daryl working with the cement

 Age: 49
From: Lives in North Carolina, is from Michigan.
He is married and has 4 kids, 3 are married and 2 grand kids.  He has worked with Jaars for 23 years, in a variety of roles but is presently Manages the Aviation Department machine shop.  Has lived and traveled back to the Philippines many times.
Prayer requests: For his family back at home.  Strength for the duration of the project.  

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  1. Daryl,
    I am happy to see at least some of the concrete poured. Hopefully with plenty of lime and cement in the mix.