Monday, March 14, 2011

Travel Day 2 Balangao

Travel day 2 Balangao
God blessed us with safe travel today. We left Bagabag at 6:30am and got to Santiago to be stopped by a political protest parade.  It slowed us down only a little but it was a first for most of us.  After having breakfast and buying more supplies we were on our way to Balangao about 11:45am.  The roads do not allow for a fast ride, slow and steady.  We arrived about 5:00pm after a flat tire on the jeep that we were following and was bringing some supplies for the project.  The driver and his helpers made quick work of changing the tire and back on our way.  It was a day full of travel but it was worth the trip.  We hope to get pictures up on the blog if the internet will let us.  Thanks for your prayers when we are working for God and the Balangao people.
We look forward to reading comments from all who are reading. 

Flat tire on the way to Balangao

Welcome sign on the hotel when we arrived

Views on the road to Balangao

And God created the heavens and the earth

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  1. You've finally had a taste of our rutted dirt roads. I Hope the scenery makes up for the bumpy ride.