Thursday, March 24, 2011

A day Building…Raining and no power day

Today we lost power about 5:45am and at 6:20pm we still don’t have power so it will be quick update. It was also raining when we woke up.  So no cement was poured today but we got all the rebar and forms ready for tomorrow.  We hope to be making and pouring cement most of the day.  We will try and document with pictures.  It was on and off rain most of the day.  Besides getting the rebar ready we move a lot of sand/gravel mix and rocks for tomorrow.   Pray that we have a dry day tomorrow, we could use it for the work that is before us.
As I was typing this the power came back on. So we are charging all the devices and phones.
Grace and her daughter

Today we introduce Grace
 Age: 41
From: Was born and lives in Balangao.
She is one of the translators that are working on the Old Testament and the reason we are here.  She has a seventeen year old daughter that is in college, just finishing her 2nd year (with her in the picture).  Her father helped with the New Testament.  She has been working with NPMTTA (Northern Philippines Mother Tongue Translators Association) since 2001 but worked with Joanne Shetler before that.  Last October she joined Wycliffe Philippine.
Prayer requests: The main one is wisdom in translation project. Good health for her and her family.  Also protection and wisdom for her daughter when she continues school this summer.
Getting the rebar ready for cement

Bending the rebar to the shape that is needed

Making a 2x2 board from 2x4 board.

Had some time for a basketball game today after working. USA won.

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