Saturday, March 19, 2011

A day Building… A Rice Terrace?

It almost feels like we are in rainy season not the dry season.  It rains at night and into the morning.  Today it was raining again in the morning but did not last.   Matt, Austin, Robinson, and Brad started moving a big pile of grave/sand mix that had to be moved closer to the work site.  Kyle and Daryl setup lines for the footers and started to “square up” the floor plan and pulled lines for the footers.  In the afternoon we dug more for the footers. We do have a lot of ground moisture by the southwest corner so we are dealing with more water for the footers.  So we are getting there.  Ignacio’s brother-in-law said it looks like we are building a rice terrace not a building. Tomorrow we will go to the church that donated the land for the project.  Ignacio asked the whole team to his house for lunch after the church service.  He says it is only a 5 min hike from church.  That is for him, I bet it will take us longer but it is downhill.  We thank God for the progress we made this week and look forward to worshiping God with the Balangao’s on Sunday morning. 
Austin and his helper Christian

Today we introduce Austin
 Age: 21
From: Ohio but living in Florida
He has been on many short term mission trips with his family and school to Africa and Latin America. He is a helicopter pilot and building time and getting new ratings.  He hopes to become a full time commercial helicopter pilot and fly on the mission field some. 
Prayer requests: His father Ken is awaiting news about a brain tumor and might have surgery when Austin is working with the team.  Also for aching body and hands and for energy to get the work done.
Daryl and Kyle setting out footers

Small landslide over night.
Start to moving the sand/gravel mix.

Ok so we didn't get it done but we are working on it.

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