Saturday, March 26, 2011

A day Building…A Farewell for one

Today I (Brad) have to start back toward home.  I only could stay for this amount of time.  I will still keep the blog up to date.   I will get updates and pictures from Daryl and the rest of the team and post them to the blog for them.  I hope this goes well and I will be on a better internet connection so I hope to maybe do more with the blog.  This is the reason that the update for today was delayed.  Daryl, Robinson, Ignacio and I were all traveling to Bagabag today.  I wasn’t able to get on the internet to post the update until Sunday. 
   The trip from Balangao to Bagabag was the same trip we did on Monday.  But there was something different about it.  We had Ignacio with us.  When we were traveling he would tell us about when he would hike from Barlig to Balangao.  They would leave at 3 am with flash lights so they could complete it in one day.  He says his kids didn’t believe it either.  Then when we would stop to look at the rice terraces along the way.  We would stop the HiLux and turn it off; it would be just us 4 and not a sound except the river way down in the valley.  He told us that the road was once the path that Joanne Shetler and Robyn Terrey hiked from where the road ended. The quiet got a lot louder then, thinking of hiking this.  We thank God Joanne and Robyn said yes, the Balangao’s thank God Joanne and Robyn said yes we will go.   We also thank God for Ignacio, Grace, Joanne, and Robyn for working on the Old Testament.  We have to be in prayer for them as satan will be after them. Pray for the work team also as they are now 1 less to do the work, I will be with them in spirit and working the blog for them.  Thanks again for read this blog.

Today we introduce Robyn (Twin sister of Joann)
Age 33
From: Grew up and lives in Balangao
She joined NPMTTA (Northern Philippines Mother Tongue Translators Association) in 1999.  She also joined Wycliffe Philippines in October. Other then hearing that her sister was born first they also have an older brother that is helping with the building of the office.  Robyn and Joanne are creating very good food and taking great care of us.
Prayer request: Also wisdom working on the Old Testament, team unity during the work.

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