Friday, March 25, 2011

A day Building…A wall

I don’t know what is going on with this dry season but it is not dry.  It rained most of the night again, not hard rain but steady rain.  It was cool which was good for working, but it was the on and off rainy all day again.  It took a little longer to get the form ready for the cement but we were ready just in time for lunch.  After lunch the cement started to be mixed and it took the afternoon but the wall is poured.  With the width of the footer and the height of the wall there has been a lot of cement mixed, moved, and poured on site.  We are thankful that we are to this point.  Saturday the other footers can be formed up and readied for Monday or Tuesday.  Daryl and Eric (the Filipino Foreman) are starting to work very well with each other.  We are starting to learn their ways and they are starting to learn our ways.  They are starting to learn that they can ask us questions why we are doing something this way and maybe offer a better way to do it or understand why we are doing something that way.  It is great that this is happening; I know that with this happening it will pay off in the rest of the project.

Today we introduce Joanne (Twin sister of Robyn)
Age 33
From: Grew up and lives in Balangao.
I asked who should go first on the blog and Joanne said she was born first so she should go first.  Joanne joined NPMTTA (Northern Philippines Mother Tongue Translators Association) in 2000.  She also joined Wycliffe Philippines in October. They say they have 5 books of the Old Testament published and two more ready.
Prayer requests: Wisdom for the translation of the Old Testament.  Also protection during project.

Kyle and Austin finishing the forms

Start of the mixing of cement

Cement being poured in the form

Kyle finishing the top of the wall

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  1. Beautiful forms and workmanship. I would expect nothing less from machinists. God bless!