Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A day of Building…moving dirt.

Today started out slow because of some rain.  But God was gracious and it stopped and we were down by the work site by 9:00AM.  The elder marked out the area that was going to be the spot for the new office building.  After some measuring we got started cutting away at the hill that was in the way.  Ok Nard said human backhoes but my back hurts as I am writing this.  We think we got a lot of dirt moved.  But we have a lot to go.  We hope to have the dirt moving done by Saturday so we can start on the forming and cement working on Monday.  Pray that the work is light even though we know it is heavy. Pray that the soreness stays away and we are refreshed after good night’s sleep.
Thanks for your prayers for the meeting of the elders. 
It got us started and we are glad to be working.
Getting measurements and starting to dig

We had a lot of help from the kids when they were on a break from school

Ignacio, Grace, Robyn, and Joanne help out also. Then still prepared our food.

Yes we got some dirt moved

The reason we are here, so the Balangao's can have the Old Testament

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