Sunday, March 20, 2011

A day Building…with brothers and sisters in Christ

Today we got to sleep in (if we could) with breakfast at 8:00am instead of 6:30am.  Daryl made breakfast for the team today, giving Grace, Robyn, and Joanne the day off to rest also.  They have really taken care of us.  After breakfast we went to church and each one of us had time to tell about our self, where we were from and about family, and a personal testimony. We also celebrated communion with our brothers and sisters in Christ. After church Ignacio brought us to his home for lunch. The path was steep in some places but it was worth the hike.  What a beautiful quiet area he has, away from traffic and noise, great for his kids and grand kids to visit grandpa and grandma.  After lunch he beat Austin in chess and Matt in a checkers like game but it was with chess pieces.  We walked around his house and enjoyed the peace and quiet, and visited with him.  Then we went back to our hotel to rest and read and write emails.  In the evening more of the same.

Today we introduce Brad

Brad talking during the church service

 Age: 43

From: Michigan
This is his 5th trip to the Philippines, His wife and two kids (Kathy, Beth, and Alex) worked for Wycliffe Associates and lived in Bagabag center for a year between 2007 and 2008.  He works at Hope College in Holland MI. in the computer department.  
Prayer requests: For his family while he is gone. Thankful to be able to return to the Philippines to renew friendships. And for strength to keep up on the work.
The trail to Ignacio's house, Yes we have to go up on the way back.
Ignacio's house

Matt is getting beat in chess.

Our hotel, we are staying on the top floor.

The kitchen and dining room.

The sala (living room)

A bedroom

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