Monday, March 28, 2011

A day Building...Work being done but Prayer needed

This is a update from Daryl on Tuesday morning
Yesterday (Monday) went well, started off with rain. Later in the morning it stayed misty, and cloudy, but workable weather. We got the forms removed from the back side of the retaining wall, and back filled with dirt. We then worked on digging the footers and grade beams, as well as beginning to form them up. Austin & Matt stayed back at the hotel as they are sick with head colds and sore throat, so Kyle, Robinson, and myself along with 6 of the Balangao men worked. In addition I have been sick with the same thing as the other two, no time for rest for me, as we have a schedule to meet. Keep praying for us, we need it with the weather conditions. Today, Tuesday we will finish forming up all the footers. I have requested more men to come to try to pick up the pace on things as we have to deal with the weather almost every day. Already as I sit here this morning it is raining, not sure when we will be able to get down there to work.
Please say a short prayer for the team as you finish reading this

Austin as he talked in front of church

Matt as he talked in front of church

The kids like getting their pictures taken, they also like to
see them self when you show them the picture.

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