Monday, March 21, 2011

A day Building…Driving and working

Today after starting to work on the building site we saw the need for the generator that was still at Rudy’s house.  So it was discussed and Daryl and Brad drove to Bagabag to get the generator.  We left Balangao about 9:30am and arrived in Bagabag about 3:30pm.  We then picked up some supplies and water in Salono.  We are spending the night at Rudy’s house and will return tomorrow.  So I will not have any pictures of the building site today, but I will post some pictures from the road on the way to Bagabag.  We did get word that Matt got dirt in his eye, it has been attended too, but would like some prayer for this also.  I will introduce Kyle tomorrow also.  Because of travel today I could not get it together for today, sorry.  It was sunny all day Sunday and was sunny and clear when we left Balangao.  So the dirt is drying out and should be easier to work with.  Thanks again for your prayers and support of the team and reading the blog. God Bless this project and the Balangao people who are helping and the church that gave the land for the office.
Rice Terraces

A road less traveled

A Small Village on the way to Bagabag

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