Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A day Building…Driving and working again

Daryl and I drove back to Balangao today we made good time and were back by 12:30pm and had some lunch.  We then joined the other guys down at the building site.  They had the footer ready to frame which got done and set and tied all the rebar in place and it is ready for cement first thing tomorrow.  The Filipino men were away on a men’s conference Monday and Tuesday and should be back for Wednesday afternoon.   As I am writing we can hear some strong thunder in the background.  It was in the forecast that we saw Sunday online so we are not surprised. This week has been going good, so we hope it is just thunder and not a lot of rain.  The dirt is dry and easier to work with, so no rain.  We thank you again for your prayers, but today pray for the men that are at the conference that it up lifts them. 

Today we introduce Kyle

It was hot today
 Age: 36
From: Lives in South Carolina, is from Pennsylvania.
This is his 2nd trip to the Philippines; He has a wife and one son (Jenny, Trey). He has worked with Jaars for 10 years, in the Aviation Department machine shop.
Prayer requests: For his family while he is gone.  His wife is heading to Russia soon for testing MK’s (Missionary Kids). Pray for Trey and Grandma and Grandpa during this time.

Everyone getting ready for cement

Finishing the footers frame

Pictures don't do it justice, come along on one of the next
two trips to Balangao and see them for your self!

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  1. Looking good guys. Wish I were there. Hopefully at this writing you have to columns formed and concrete gets poured tomorrow. Blessings and I am praying for continued dry weather.