Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I (Brad) will be traveling home to the States tomorrow (Wednesday) so there might not be an update for the next 24 to 48 hours.  Don't worry when I get home and can open my eyes again I will update the blog.
My daughter Beth sent this to me and I am going to pass it on to you.

I am currently reading a book by Dr. Glenn Geelhoed. The book is about all of his medical missions around the world. (Many stories are from the Philippines). I read an interesting quote from him last night and thought I might share it with you. Maybe if you like it you could pass it on to the guys still in the village. This is something that Glenn tells all of the people that participate in his missions.

"These people that we will meet are not at all like us; they are us. They are friends and neighbors you have not yet met. They may look different in terms of trivia such as skin color or language, geographic boundaries, or economic situations. They may seem so different that you don't know how to relate to them. But look at the most fundamental things you have that you'd want to give up last: your children, your health, your hope. In this we all are the same. When you meet them, one of the things you will find out quickly is that these people have resources-not like coffee or gold or oil, but resiliency and resourcefulness. And that is how they can become instructors to us. What we teach and give to them will pale in comparison to what we learn and receive from them- what I call gifts from the poor"

Pray for the team in Balangao to get healthy and stay healthy.  Also for the weather to break and stay dry.

The whole team in front of the hotel/hardware store
(and the dog)

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