Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moving more dirt... and an introduction

The network was down last night so there was no update.  Sometimes it is only out for a short time and sometimes longer.  So if there is no update or emails from the team members for a long time then assume the Internet is not working in Balangao.
 It has rained the last two nights (March 16th and 17th) Daryl had to go to Santiago to get some supplies on Thursday March 17th.  The road was very muddy and slick.  Good thing he had the HiLux and 4 wheel drive.  We'll just say he had fun and the HiLux needs a wash.  We need prayers for dry weather so the work would be easier.  From the limited weather reports we have seen there is a light monsoon pattern in the area, and it is raining again this morning.
The digging continued and we think we made good progress even though the dirt was more mud then dirt. I will post some more pictures below.

We are going to start introducing the team to the readers of the blog.  Each day we will high light one team member. So first is Robinson.

Robinson:  Adopted Son of Daryl the team leader, also in the picture.
 Age: 29
From: Philippines - Mindanao Island
College Student: – studying Business Management, also in the army reserves (Philippines)
Has been working with a mission organization for 5 years now and wants to continue after college.
Prayer requests include: finishing college, for his work in the mission field, and he found out his friends house was swept away by a flood while he has been working with the team.
Robinson moves dirt from the site, I think we are moving half the hill.

Pray for dry weather.
We have help from the members of the church.
Merienda time, coffee and skyflake crackers.

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