Monday, May 23, 2011

A day Building...A day of rest and a new week ahead

Sunday we went to the service at the church above the office building.
The people were very friendly.

Our wheelbarrows were lined up outside the building. Notice the tire repair on this one.

This was a day of rest for us. In the afternoon three of the guys hiked up to a lookout above Natonin. What a view!

Monday morning Kyle and Daryl worked on the trusses for the porch cover.

Bob and Andrew continued working on the electrical wiring inside the building.

Robinson continued transporting the fine sand to the construction site. This sand is used in "plastering" the walls.

Linda brought the afternoon snack down just before the rain. It was thundering and lightening! Bob and Andrew rigged up some temporary lighting so the work could continue inside.

The rain really came down and our little canopy cover was getting full of rain. The men had to empty the water before they could take it down for the day.

Here's Andrew rigging up one of the light fixtures temporarily.

God was very wise in taking a day of rest.  Praise God for his wisdom.  Thank God for the progress that has been made and for the safety, health and help of the may people from the area.

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