Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A day Building...a Mayoral Relationship

Travelling between Banaue and Natonin our rented van over heated and blew a head gasket only 42 km from Natonin. Grace got a ride into the next village to arrange alternate transport. The 4.5 hr. drive would up taking us 8 hours with our delays.

Our last team member, Isaac  was "lost" in China, only to arrive in Manila the next day from Singapore without his luggage. On Tuesday once his luggage arrives he will fly into Natonin by plane & helicopter. He has most of the block laying tools with him!

Day 1 began with a visit to the Police Station to register and meet the chief. Then he escorted us to the mayor's office for an official welcome. Eldon is mayor of a small town in Illinois, so he presented the Natonin mayor with gifts. Then we walked to the building site to inspect it.

After lunch we checked out the tools and the actual work began.  By quitting time the first course of block was laid.

Praise God for long but safe travel to Natonin, Pray for Isaac to arrive safely also.   Thank God for the meetings and relationships that have been formed and the work has started again.

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