Saturday, May 21, 2011

A day Building...Working on the inside of the building and inside our hearts

Friday May 20
This is the 10:00 break time. Andrew & Daryl are enjoying their snacks.
So are Kyle and Robinson.
 The interior bathroom walls are going up!
The roofing iron is almost done.
Bob and Andrew pulling wires to hook up the electric to the church.
3:00 break- trying to keep dry! It's been raining every afternoon this week.
Saturday May 21

Today Kyle, Daryl, and Robinson worked on the ridge cap. It's nice to have the roof on now that we are getting daily late afternoon showers.

This is how it looked at 3:00 today.

While some of the men worked outside today others were working inside.
Bob and Andrew pulled electrical wire through corrugated conduit to bring electricity into the building.
I know what Linda said but I think they are just playing around.

Royale is one of the workers doing the "plastering" of the walls.

We praise the Lord for the work that was accomplished this week. The last three men from Team 2 (John, Rob, and Isaac) are on their way back to the US and to their families today. Thank you, Lord, for bringing the workers together to accomplish Your work in the Philippines.

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