Friday, May 6, 2011

A day Building...Walls, Windows and Electric oh my.

The work is continuing; we've had 10 workers each day. Tomorrow (Saturday)  the town fiesta begins with a parade followed by the opening ceremony across from the Police Station. We have been invited by the mayor to attend and one of us will accept a plaque intended for Jo Shetler.  We still hope to get some work done on the project also.

Prayer request is for John S is not feeling very well,  Pray that God will heal him and he can recover quickly continue his great work on the project.

As you can see it makes a BIG difference with a professional mason on site! The other 40 foot wall is going up fast. The window frames and electrical outlets are installed as they lay the blocks.

John is teaching a man from the army how to weld.

Headers have been poured for above the windows.

Merienda (break) time, left to right: Bob foreground, John, David, & Eldon

Rob walked back to the building site for these pictures. As you can see we've come a long way!
Painted trusses


Column half poured on the solid double wall

Window frames installed, inside view

Windows in place, outside view

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