Thursday, May 12, 2011

On Thursday the New Tribes Mission helicopter is coming to take four of the men on a half hour flight. Then they will take a commercial flight back to Manila. The Bob and Linda will be driving back to Manila with most of their luggage, arriving on Friday afternoon. They will return to Natonin with supplies on Monday afternoon. John and Rob will remain in Natonin to work on pouring the ring beam and setting the trusses.

We are all very exhausted, but feel very good about the progress on the project.  We are rejoicing to God for seeing us all through the work times.  Today the men almost finished framing up the last three tie beams and are expecting to pour them tomorrow under the John and Rob's supervision.  They will begin the plastering inside and out too.  Rob says it will be a different building when Linda and I return on Monday.

So, in only 8 full working days we went from a slab with rebar sticking out of it to what you see on the latest pictures.  Praise the Lord, I really had my doubts that we could pull it off but with the Lords help He did.
Due to the travel there will not be anymore pictures until next Monday.
Pray for Isaac, Robert, Dave, and Elden as they begin their trips back to the US.
Pray for Team 3, Daryl, Kyle, Andrew, and Robinson as they arrive in Natonin next week.

Everyone is finished with breakfast except Isaac!
Time for a second helping of oatmeal.
Jobsite at 10:00 am on day 10, May 11, 2011
Grace and Joanne preparing a special
merienda (coffee break) for the whole crew.
Yummy squash cake
Prayer with the workers.
 Group photo May 11, 2011, Day 10
Working on the ring beam.

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