Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A day Building...Working to finish the walls

Sunday was a day of much needed rest. We attended the little church above the building site. The people were very friendly.

After the service we viewed the work of our hands. It was coming together.

Robert (pilot) and Ignacio inspected the place where the helicopter landed last week with Isaac and decided some improvements needed to be made.

Some of the men worked to level the ground and cut down some small trees. By Tuesday afternoon Robert declared that it was ready!

Sunday afternoon our power went off and did not resume until about 4 am Tuesday, May 10 (day 9). The typhoon was giving us rain and wind, but the men continued to work. The batteries went flat in my camera, so there are not too many shots from Monday (sorry!)

Working on the window frames before installation.
Forms needed to be made out of plywood for the ring beam
around the top of the walls. This ties all the walls together.

The first end wall going up.
View at 10:00 Tuesday morning, day 9.
Robert taking the Honda generator apart. The 220v
does not work, so the part is going to the US to be fixed.
The clouds are hanging very low today with occasional sprinkles.
It's a welcome relief after so many days of hot sun.
The last truss is finished! Yea!

 Final wall with entry door being laid.
Isaac working around the bathroom window.
Think we've had some rain?
The bucket brigade to pour the ring beam.
Various views of the work completed.

Health wise, John is feeling better, Linda's vertigo is not as bad (only gets dizzy when she moves her head quickly or bends over too fast), and Rob finally slept well Monday night.
The men are in good spirits and are working well as a team. Coming together as strangers they have really bonded during their time together.

Wednesday is their last full day to work together. On Thursday, weather permitting; four of them will be flying out while the Bob and Linda drive their cargo two days to Manila. The Bob and Linda will return on Monday with Andrew, a WBT member working in Manila. Andrew will join the project for two weeks. John and Rob will remain in Natonin until next week Wednesday to get the trusses installed and the perlins in place.
Pray for safe travel and good weather for travel.  Pray for John and Rob that are remaining behind to keep working.  Pray for Andrew and his family as he returns with Bob and Linda to Natonin.
Thanks be to God for all the progress and return to health for the team.

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