Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A day Building...Cleaning the inside

First thing this morning we hosed out the inside. There were lots of "drippings" from plastering the walls that needed to be cleaned up. It was good to have all the tools out of the way, too, before we could start the next phase inside- the grid work for the ceiling.

Daryl and Kyle worked on cutting up the lumber for the ceiling grid work.
They are using 4 inch strips of 3/4 inch plywood for this.
Andrew and Robinson mounted the strips on the outside walls and trusses.

Kyle finished up painting the porch trusses.

Balangao workers continued plastering the exterior of the office building.
Others started excavating the bank. A retaining wall of rocks
will be built from the highest point down to ground level,
and a french drain will go next to the building to deter erosion.

We heard this afternoon that the typhoon is supposed to come through this area on Friday. We are still getting late afternoon storms almost daily. It's good that we can now work inside out of the elements.

Pray for safety as they work off the ground and for the storm to not be more then some cool wind for relief from the heat and stay east of them.  It is a Category 3 storm right now and might build in strength.  I am not a weather person but it looks like the main storm might miss them but the outer bands can still have heavy rains and winds.   Thanks for reading the blog and praying for this project, have a blessed day and thank God for the workers that he has provided.

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