Thursday, May 19, 2011

A day Building...raising the roof

On May 18th, Day 17 of Team 2, we had John and Robert fly out by helicopter and then on a commercial flight to Manila. They are visiting with friends there and will fly out on May 21st with Isaac. Isaac has been in Davao visiting his parents, and will return to Manila on Friday.

The helicopter brought in three men to continue the project: Daryl, Kyle, and Robinson, all from Team 1. Daryl is resuming the leadership of the project.
We had a heavy rain in the afternoon with thunder and lightening, which slowed down the work. Daryl, Kyle, and Robinson spent the afternoon settling into the hotel and were rested up to begin this morning,
May 19th, Day 1 of Team 3. There are six of us now, Bob & Linda, Andrew, Daryl, Kyle, and Robinson.
We've had some problems with the plumbing in the house we are staying in. We think the septic tank is full since the toilets are back flushing. Hopefully it can be fixed soon.
The roof is going on!
Many people are working on the inside as the roof goes on.
Bob making a ladder so he can start the electrical wiring.

Daryl sliding up the next roofing panel.

Kyle and Robinson working on the roof.
One side of the roof is in place.
About 4:00 we had another hard rain with thunder and lightening, so the men working on the roof called it a day.  They all got soaked!  It has gotten cooler with all this rain. It is a welcome relief after so many days of really hot, sunny weather.
Once Again we are thankful for all the safe travel.  There are a lot of people moving around the Philippines.  Pray for safety as the men work off the ground, and for health of now team 3.

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  1. The roof's number one enemy? RAIN! It's a good thing that you guys called it a day. Otherwise, you'll be having a hard time installing those roofs.
    - Soo Eaton