Thursday, May 26, 2011

A day Building...Working and Watching

This morning Daryl and Kyle continued working on the porch roof, putting galvanized roofing iron on it.

Some of the Balangao men worked some more on removing the bank. They are using the dirt as land fill.

Bob and Andrew worked on the ceiling grid. Trying to square things up was a real challenge! The hardware store is all out of 1/4" plywood, so we hope it will be in tomorrow so the ceiling can go up.

Bob standing by the electrical circuit box.
There are always children around to watch and add variety to the work day.

Time to close in the ends of the building with plywood. Later Kyle will put roofing iron over it to seal the building.

It's late afternoon and Bob is still putting the stringers up for the ceiling panels.

The wind is really kicking up this afternoon (4 pm) as the typhoon moves this way. It is predicted that it will pass by east of us on Friday (tomorrow). Pray that we will not experience too much rain and winds from the storm. Daryl, Kyle, and Andrew will be driving out on Sunday to Solano and the dirt road is prone to landslides and washouts.
The typhoon is a Category 4 now so is very powerful.  Pray is stays to the east and doesn't bring to much rain to the area.  If you want to track it go to and you can see a animation of radar of the past 24 hours and other information.

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