Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A day Building...more departures and trusses going up

Well Robert, Elden, Isaac, and Dave were able to helicopter out of Natonin and take a commercial flight to Manila on May 12th.  Bob and Linda drove to Manila on Thursday and Friday back to Manila.  They returned on Sunday and Monday.  That is a lot of Kilometers to drive on some nice roads and not so nice roads.  Thank God for safe travels for all that traveled the past days.

John and Rob, the welders, stayed on in Natonin to work on the trusses and perlins. The ring beam was poured on Friday, May 13th. The workmen were trying to do as much as possible while Bob and Linda were gone so they would be surprised upon their return.

Dan and the New Tribes pilot determined that more work needed to be done on the helipad.

The town Fiesta lasted a whole week, with many activities. Rob and John were able to attend more of the festivities.

The trusses are going up!

The perlins being attached and some of the plastering begun.
Pray with Thanks Giving for all that has been done and for the safety of Team 2.  Pray for Daryl, Kyle, Robinson and Andrew as they start getting ready to return to finish the project.  Pray for the plans of the dedication that they will come together.  Also Thanks to God for all the things that go on in the back ground that we cannot see from where we read this blog.  Namely Nard and all his work getting this organized from the states, and Ignacio, Grace, Robyn, and Joanne, also for Jo Shetler and Anne starting this in 1962 and which is continuing today.

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