Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Day arrive and two leave

We have a new member of the team, Andrew, WBT member from Manila. He rode up to Natonin with the Bob and Linda and helped with the driving.

The perlins are almost finished, and the men are plastering the walls. In the Philippines they use a cement mixture to do the plastering. The men "fling" small amounts onto the wall and then smooth it out later.

We had some really black clouds roll in the afternoon, bringing a refreshing shower around 3:30. This is the last day of work for John and Robert. In the morning they will helicopter out, weather permitting. The building has come a long way!

Bob putting some rebar into the wall with epoxy.
This is where the bathroom wall will join the exterior wall.

Bob painting the weld joints.
John checking things out one last time.

Instead of landing below the new building, the men had to walk to the old airstrip that Jo Shetler used, a good hour hike through the rice terraces. If you look real close you can see John, Robert, and their helpers walking to the old airstrip to catch the helicopter. At about 2:30 they will board a commercial flight to Manila. It's a one hour flight. What a relief that they did not have to go by road! It takes two days in a four wheel drive vehicle!
Waiting for the helicopter to arrive.

Once again Thank God for all the work these men have done.  Thank God for the work Grace, Robyn and Joanne are doing in keep this work going very smooth.

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