Friday, May 27, 2011

A day Building...Not much sun but much work.

Remember these are Philippine times not United States times and date.

It's been cloudy with mist most of today. The typhoon passed us by last night and is already in Japan. At 4:00 you can see the clouds hanging over the building site. Unfortunately with 100% humidity our clothes did not get dry today!

Kyle has persistence; give him a job and he sees it through to the end! This morning he continued putting plywood on the end of the building. In the afternoon he was putting vertical corrugated roofing iron on it. They still need to put a fascia board all around the edges plus gutters and down spouts.

 Robinson puts an undercoat on the 1/4" plywood before it goes up.
The first ceiling panel is up!
Bob and Andrew work as a team to make sure they have the right measurements for
the next piece. Along the outside walls each piece must be trimmed to fit.
The workers have come a long way in excavating the bank.
A stone wall will be going up to keep the dirt from eroding.
Who can put the most screws in?

Working on the grid work near the circuit breaker box.

We are thankful that the typhoon passed to the east.  Even though we saw some clouds and rain it was better then what could have been.  We are thankful for more progress and can see the end of the building project.  But we know there is much more work to be done in this building.  Pray with thanks for the building, pray for the translators (Ignacio, Robyn, Joanne, Grace and others) for their minds to be clear and for their health and safety of them self and family. 

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