Thursday, May 5, 2011

We can see definite progress on the morning of Day 3. The block laying is going slowly and we're looking forward to Isaac arriving by helicopter later today.  We were all excited when we heard the helicopter circle the town.  When the helicopter landed the only things he off-loaded was cargo. Where's Isaac? Have we lost him again?
Actually he was dropped at a nearby airstrip and came on the second trip. He got right to work to see how the block wall was coming along.

The helicopter made another trip to Bagabag and back to deliver a box of personal items, large jugs of drinking water, and some metal cut-off wheels that the welders needed. Praise the Lord that New Tribes Mission has an aviation program to assist in the rural areas of the Philippines.  Isaac didn't waste any time getting to work.  Everyone is relieved that we have a professional block layer here!

Today Robert  went to get lumber for the project with Fred, a friend of Nard's. It was quite an adventure for him! He rode different types of transportation, saw beautiful scenery, and met new friends.

Satan has been working hard to discourage us. Three people had their flights delayed, and poor Isaac was "lost" for awhile. Then we had trouble on the road and had to find another van to bring us the rest of the way to Natonin. It's unusually hot for this time of year, so we are trying to drink plenty of water. The men end the day extremely tired, but we are in good spirits. Satan will not suceed- our God is greater and will see us to the end.  Thanks for the prayers and reading the blog.

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